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Chap. II


Unique artisan wines from outstanding vineyards, made in limited quantities

The foundation have been laid with this elegant, expressive wine in which I wanted to express the finesse and beauty of its terroir. It has great potential to go further. Each of these stories starts with the singularity of an exceptional terroir and the choice of dedicated winemakers. Day by day, working hand in hand with his partners, Cédric Jenin, Responsible Winemaker at MAISON CASTEL, deploys all his savoir - faire to select, vinify, age and form each of his vintages.

Chap.II - the elegance of lace

For the second chapter of its new collection, Maison Castel combines customary savoir-faire with a certain daring, stepping away from its traditionally-favoured soils to create a Rhône valley wine.

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Grape varieties : 60% Grenache, 34% Syrah Harvest : Hand-picked from September 15th 2017 Maceration : 100% traditional maceration (27 days in tank for the Grenache, 24 days for the Syrah) Aged 15 months : 30% in new oak, 30% in one-vintage barrels, 12% in two-vintage barrels, 28% in tank

Bright and clear, with deep garnet hints

Opens with charming wild strawberry aromas. Aeration reveals this wine's full complexity with black pepper notes and a light touch of smoke

Well-balanced, expressive and mouth-filling. Fresh, floral notes (violets) and a graphite-like minerality. The finish is fresh and lifted by grainy-textured tannins


3 to 10 years

Lamb tajine with red onions, game, charcuterie and grilled meat

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