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Appellations from some of France's most prestigious terroirs

I want to enjoy prestigious French appellation wines with complex aromatic profiles. I'm looking for a leading French brand with reasonable prices.

AOC Selection

Specific know-how

Maison Castel's winemakers are specialists in each area. Thanks to their know-how and partnerships with wine growers going back many years, the company has specific experience in each region, enabling the best possible expression of the appellation and terroir in each case.

Precise quality management

The Maison Castel teams follow each step of the wine-making process in their partners' cellars. The maturing of the wines is adapted according to the desired style and brings complexity and structure to the range's wines. Numerous tastings and blending sessions result in this flagship range.

Famous French appellations

The AOC Sélection range represents those appellations which make up France's wine-growing heritage and reputation. These wines are symbolic of the richness and diversity of France's wine regions.

Aromatic complexity

Complex wines to satisfy wine enthusiasts with the most demanding of palates.

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