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Contemporary wines with finesse and aromatic expression

I'm looking for an accessible sparkling wine with finesse and freshness that will enhance any celebration and make a good impression with its attractive packaging.

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French know-how

Maison Castel uses French sparkling wine savoir-faire and the unique expertise of a well-known Castel company to make its sparkling wines.

Maison Castel know-how

The Maison Castel winemakers work with expert advisers throughout the production process, from second fermentation through to ageing. The wines are made at a Castel production facility that has over 60 years of experience in producing sparkling wine at national level.

Wines for festive occasions

The Effervescents Découverte range is defined by delicacy, vivacity and aromatic elegance. The wines have finesse but are easy to enjoy, and are ideal for festive occasions.

Attractive packaging

Maison Castel has created attractive packaging that is well-suited to special moments, and this range of accessible yet elegant wines is suitable for all festive occasions.

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