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Chap. III


Unique artisan wines from outstanding vineyards, made in limited quantities

An excpetional vintage with great concentration, varietal expression and excellent balance. Each of these stories starts with the singularity of an exceptional terroir and the choice of dedicated winemakers. Day by day, working hand in hand with his partners, Cédric Jenin, Responsible Winemaker at MAISON CASTEL, deploys all his savoir - faire to select, vinify, age and form each of his vintages.

Chap.III - Beyond the mist

Maison Castel chose to write the third chapter of its Séries Limitées collection in Viognier's heartland, in the Condrieu vineyards of the northern Rhône valley. Born beyond the mist, this golden-hued wine is the first white in the collection

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Grape varieties : 100% Viognier Harvest : Hand-picked in small crates, September 6th -17th Maceration : Whole bunch pressing, cold settling, fermentation with natural yeast, aged with lees stirring through to malolactic fermentation in spring. Aged on fine lees Aged 15 months : 15% in new oak, 25% in one-vintage barrels, 20% in 600-litre barrels of 4+ vintages, 40% in tank

Deep golden yellow, clear and bright

Smooth, generous and well-balanced, with freshness and floral character. Rich and refreshing on the finish with great complexity (peach, pear, apricot, violet and ginger)

10 – 12°

5 to 10 years

Asparagus with morilles (mushrooms), seafood, fresh water fish, apricot tart

Elegant, with good intensity, typical of Viognier from this terroir. Stone fruit aromas (apricot, peach) and pear, with floral notes (jasmine, violet). Develops in classic fashion with dried fruit, marshmallow and bergamot aromas smoke

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