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Unique artisan wines from outstanding vineyards, made in limited quantities

These wines are destined to grace the tables of fine dining establishments who share the values of Maison Castel.

Séries Limitées

An exceptional terroir

The Maison Castel teams travel the length and breadth of France, looking for exceptional terroirs and wine growers with whom to write the chapters of the Séries Limitées range. As the brand of a master wine merchant, Maison Castel chooses and vinifies grapes and ages the resulting wine, creating carefully-crafted bottles that accurately express varietal expression and terroir.

Maison Castel's know-how

The chapters are written, one after another, expressing the soul of the Maison Castel brand. Topics are inspired by meetings and conversations: the unique aspect of the various soils, the vines' historic connections, the methodic precision and conviction of the growers, and so on.

Tha aim of the Séries Limitées

The aim of the Séries Limitées range is to express Maison Castel key values via unique, carefully-crafted wines made in limited quantities from outstanding terroir. Series Limitées means a belief in ambitious projects, in forging ahead and raising standards ever-higher to create exceptional tasting experiences to be shared those with a taste for the carefully-crafted.

Terroir map Séries Limitées
Looking for our Séries Limitées? Visit one of our partner restaurants to experience the excellence of our wines.
    - France -
  • Concorde Montparnasse Paris
  • Novotel Paris Voltaire
  • BHV Le Marais - La Cave du Bazar
  • Caviste Royan Comptoir des Vignes
  • Le Petit Commerce Bordeaux
  • Le Dit-Vin - Caviste Bar à Vin Carcans
  • B Comme Bistrot Arès
  • - Estonia -
  • Chedi, Guide Blanc
  • Tchaikovsky, Guide Blanc
  • - Germany -
  • Wine Bank Sylt
    - Belgium-Luxembourg -
  • Hert Turnhout, Guide Michelin
  • Foodbar Mol
  • The Source
  • - Central Europe -
  • Caviste premium Napoléon – Albania
  • Port Baku Bazar – Azerbaijan
  • - Africa -
  • Cave de l’Oenophile - Ivory Coast
  • Le Grand Large – Ivory Coast
  • La Clé des Châteaux – Burkina Faso
  • Le Bistrot Lyonnais – Burkina Faso
  • Le Squash Time – Burkina Faso
  • Planet Hollyboom - Lubumbashi
  • - Morocco -
  • Mohammedia Port Restaurant
  • Nicolas Maroc
    - Japan -
  • Lugdunum Tokyo, 1* Restaurant
  • - Singapore -
  • Odette, 3*Restaurant
  • CUT, 1*Restaurant
  • Spago, 1*Restaurant
  • Chef's Table by Chef Stephan
  • - Canada -
  • Laurie Rafael Québec
  • - South Korea -
  • Andaz, 5*Restaurant- Hôtel