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The best appellations, made using the méthode traditionnelle process, illustrating French expertise in crémant wine production

I'm looking for a quality sparkling wine that is suitable for all occasions, a refined wine that will delight me with its aromatic complexity and elegance.

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French know-how

Crémants d'appellation wines made by méthode traditionnelle. The Maison Castel teams work closely with experts who know the world's best producers of sparkling wine.

Maison Castel know-how

Maison Castel works with a network of partners who are experts in crémant production. Our winemakers carefully choose the best parcels for the style of wine they wish to make, and then follow the wine making process all the way through, from grape pressing to the ageing of the wines for 18 months in the Maison Castel cellars. Careful management of each of these steps ensures that the wines develop aromatic richness and elegance.

Aromatic complexity

Aromatic complexity with a fine bead and refreshing elegance, on a par with the greatest names.

Refined packaging

These refined crémant wines are suitable for all festive occasions thanks to their elegant packaging.

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