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The diversity of France's wine regions represented by eight key appellations

I'm looking for wines so I can explore some of the well-known French appellations and make a personal statement about my love for France and my appreciation of carefully-crafted wines.

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Careful sourcing

Maison Castel has had deep roots in all the French appellation areas for many years, which means that the company's winemakers work with the best wine growers in each region.

Precise quality management

Maison Castel carefully identifies and selects the very best terroirs and vineyards in each region. Quality levels are kept high thanks to regular checks carried out by the company's winemakers both in the cellars of their partner-wine growers, and in those of Maison Castel.

Key appellations

Maison Castel's appreciation of tradition and French know-how is represented in this range of nine leading appellations. The products in this range provide a key to exploring the diversity and richness of France's wine-growing regions.

Authentic wines

With its accessible wines of great aromatic precision, the AOC Découverte range is the perfect balance of typicity and modernity. The wines are faithful examples of the appellations they represent and win awards each year in international wine competitions.

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