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The excellence of French négociant wines associated with quality craftsmanship

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Do you enjoy being delightfully surprised by a glass of wine, the storytelling behind every bottle, the simple pleasure of trying new things and discovering the unexpected? At Maison Castel, we understand this.

Above all, our aim is to share our taste for carefully-crafted wines through our authentic products of course, but also by sharing a certain way of life.
An appreciation of craftsmanship leads us to taste wines in a whole new way. We make wines that are true to their origins, knowing they will create memorable moments.

At Maison Castel, our approach to tasting is natural and more spontaneous. Our wines are contemporary and can be enjoyed in a relaxed way. They stand out by their very nature and inspire extraordinary experiences.

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A taste for carefully-crafted wines also translates into respect for terroir, and for our customers. Naturally we try to lighten our environmental footprint but we also prize health and well-being, which is why Maison Castel has made a commitment to sustainable viticulture by way of the Terra Vitis and Agriculture Biologique certifications.

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Terra Vitis

Based on sustainable farming principles, Terra Vitis is the only viticulture-specific certification in France. Most wines made by Maison Castel have this certification which applies to every step of a process that is carefully followed, from vineyard to winery, with three aims :

Maison Castel has implemented a number of steps with its grower partners: mechanical methods are favoured over chemical weed control to safeguard health, insect hotels are used to encourage biodiversity in the vineyard, and training plans have been put in place for workers to encourage development of new skills, resulting in certain Maison Castel wines being Terra Vitis-certified.
Granted by an independent body and recognised by the French Ministry of Agriculture, this certification is renewable by annual inspection.

Agriculture Biologique.

Agriculture Biologique is the best-known certification, and the second commitment made by Maison Castel. This farming method respects the environment and thus helps protect people's health.

In concrete terms, organic farming excludes the use of GMO and synthetic chemical products in viticulture. As a result, natural treatments like sulphur, copper and citrus extracts are used to protect the vines. Organic farming principles extend beyond viticulture to vinification, principally limiting the use of sulfites.

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