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A selection of the better-known international grape varieties, with Pays d'Oc designation and French-style profile.

I'm looking for a well-made varietal wine with richness and good structure, made from sustainably-farmed grapes, with packaging that conveys a certain French elegance.

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A long-standing network of partners

Thanks to our long-standing network of partner-wine growers, Maison Castel is able to track grape ripeness in the selected plots and our winemakers are involved in all stages of the vinification process on a daily basis. This hands-on approach ensures the quality of the wines in this range.

Precise quality management

The company's winemakers oversee the vinification process to produce wines that are faithful to the typicity of each grape variety. The Maison Castel teams devise a plan, and parcel selection is done for each of the different varieties in accordance with the profile desired, followed by careful canopy management to get the best concentration and ensure optimal grape development.

An eco-friendly range

Maison Castel is committed to eco-friendly, sustainable wine growing via its affiliation to the reputed Terra Vitis® certification and a minimal intervention approach to viticulture.

Fine, elegant wines

The engraved bottle signed by winemaker Cédric Jenin reflects the elegance of the wines in this range.

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