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A modern approach to wine, associated with French know-how

I'm looking for an easy-drinking French wine that is enjoyable and accessibly-priced, and a range of quality wines that I will be able to choose with confidence.

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Careful sourcing

Thanks to their network of contacts across the regions, winemaker Cédric Jenin and his teams have access to a vast choice of vineyards from which to source the best wines for the range and thus meet the highest quality levels.

Complementary areas

Each area expresses its typicity in a complementary way, bringing true diversity to this range: <ul> <li>Pyrénées Orientales and central Gard: warmth and richness</li> <li>Hérault plains: suppleness and fruity character</li> <li>Hérault foothills: freshness and structure</li> <li>Late-ripening areas of the Aude: freshness and poise</li> <li>Hillside areas in the southern Cévennes and Larzac foothills: acidity and ageing potential</li> <li>Gascony area: finesse and freshness</li> </ul>

Easy-drinking wines

The Maison Castel teams have taken a more modern approach to create a selection of expressive, appealing wines with good length.

Attractive retail presence

A range of 11 references representing the best-known international grape varieties, with packaging that is easy to read and recognise, signed by winemaker Cédric Jenin.

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