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The story of Maison Castel starts with a sound idea that led to the company being founded by the nine Castel siblings, whose sights were firmly set on distant horizons. Convinced that quality wines could be made in France and enjoyed by all, on the domestic market and and overseas, they set up their wine trading business in 1949.

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The aim back then was to showcase French terroirs and savoir-faire around the world. Today, almost 70 years later, Maison Castel continues to share this taste for carefully-crafted wines with consumers worldwide.
Authenticity is the watchword at Maison Castel, illustrated by long-standing partnerships with quality-driven local growers, selected vineyard plots, oenologist-experts in specific areas, and vinification and bottling carried out in the regions.

All the major French wine regions are represented in these singularly characterful, 100% French-made wines destined to delight those with a taste for carefully-crafted bottles.

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Maison Castel counts on a major asset to uphold its reputation and savoir-faire, its commitment to authenticity and the spirit of French winemaking, namely its technical team of experts and oenologists.
Winemaker Cédric Jenin and seven oenologists are sensitive to international tastes; they coordinate the production, selection and monitoring of Maison Castel's wines, working with 20 regional partner-oenologists.