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AOC Muscadet Sèvre-et-Maine-sur-lie

The diversity of France's wine regions represented by eight key appellations

Maison Castel demonstrates its commitment to French traditions and savoir-faire with this AOC Muscadet-Sèvre-et-Maine sur lie, a key appellation of the Loire valley. Elegant and refined with freshness and acidity, this wine is a perfect combination of typicity and modernity.

Precise quality management

AOC Muscadet-Sèvre-et-Maine owes its name to two rivers, the Sèvre and the Maine, which run through the Nantes countryside and some of its best wine growing areas. The words "sur lie" on this 100% Melon de Bourgogne mean that the wine spends the winter on its lees in tank, which gives it fullness and an attractive aromatic richness. This top-quality wine from Maison Castel is the result of working with a Terra Vitis-certified partner, and a carefully managed vinification process.

Maison Castel know-how

The Maison Castel winemaker and his team follow the ripening process very closely to optimise the aromatic expression and minerality of the grape variety. The teams check the must following strict criteria before it arrives at the Maison Castel winery. Different terroirs are vinified in different ways to get more precise aromatic results, and the aromatic expression is enhanced via several days of cold soaking, settling (carried out according to the desired result), the choice of yeast, and alcoholic fermentation at controlled temperature. Finally, a six-month ageing period with lees stirring (as for premium white wines) gives this wine roundness and complexity.

Pale yellow robe

Mouth-filling and complex, combining freshness with roundness

Serve at 12 - 14°C

Can be aged for up to 2 years

Enjoy as an aperitif or with seafood. The perfect match would be moules marinières

Mineral notes of white-flesh fruit and citrus

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