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Medium Sweet Grenache

IGP Pays d'Oc

A modern approach to wine, associated with French know-how

With this Medium Sweet Grenache, Maison Castel combines a modern approach to winemaking with French savoir-faire. The result is a very aromatic, fruity, smooth sweet wine.

Precise quality management

When it comes to vin doux naturels Grenache is the king of grapes, making wines that are deliciously sweet and full of fruit. This Grenache comes from the Pays d’Oc PGI, an area whose climate is characterised by very hot, dry summers and warmer winters. Grenache wines from this terroir have great concentration and aromatic expression.

Maison Castel know-how

The Maison Castel team pays particular attention to the vinification process in order to reveal Grenache's richness and typicity in a blend of wines made by traditional vinification and thermo-vinification methods. The Maison Castel winemakers closely monitor the fermentation process to ensure that colour and aromas are extracted. The resulting wine is wonderfully rich and sweet.

Deep purple robe

An expressive, mouth-filling wine with red fruit notes

Serve at 10 - 14°C

Can be aged for up to 2 years

Enjoy as an aperitif or with charcuterie and desserts. An ideal pairing would be dark chocolate and coffee fondant

Nose of strawberry and raspberry aromas

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