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Give it a try, look for the best food and wine pairings and you’re bound to find plenty of ideas for wines to match with game, prime rib or even poultry... But what about vegetarians? Do they have to miss out on the harmony of flavours that is a long-simmered dish served with a great glass of wine? Absolutely not! Follow the guide.

green and red wine

It’s all about balance

Wines are naturally rich in aromas, so to find the best wine and vegetable pairing take some inspiration from recipes. Either focus on contrast, with opposing flavours as in a sweet/savoury dish for example, or keep to the same notes so as not to distort the flavours. With their acidity, herbal notes, sweetness, fruitiness or minerality, all wines make great pairings for a dish bursting with colour! Playing with different cooking methods also offers up new combinations. Whether your vegetables are raw, braised, roasted, sautéed, steamed or caramelised, you’ll never bring out the same bottle twice. Get cooking! Most great recipes can be made without meat or fish while retaining all their character.

Gratins, burgers, lasagnas, risottos and more; all vegetarian recipes make a good match for a great glass of red, white or rosé. Let’s start with mushrooms. Who doesn't love a dish of pasta with ceps, girolles or horn of plenty mushrooms? Serve with a dry, fruity white wine such as a Viognier or Chardonnay. For red, keep it classic when it comes to dishes with Mediterranean flavours. Lasagna, bruschetta, pizza and any recipe based on a tomato sauce should be paired with fruity red wines, such as a Merlot.

Keep more structured reds for dishes with bolder flavours, such as a pumpkin gratin or a couscous! And rosé? It’s easy to pair with quinoa salads and the other on-trend dishes, such as poké bowls, that are popping up on tables all around the world.


Maison Castel recommends

If you like playing with spices for slightly more exotic recipes, try a Syrah, which will reveal all those flavours.