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Oysters, crab, whelks, prawns, scallops, lobster... when it comes to seafood, there’s plenty to think about. When there’s a heavily-laden seafood platter in the centre of the table, you don’t need anything else. Apart from maybe some white wine! Once again, there are several possible combinations, the choice is yours. White is the obvious choice.

Claws at the ready.... Get cracking!

But where to start ?

For a plate of oysters, the best allies are dry and/or mineral wines that work well with the sometimes rich nature of shellfish, such as a Muscadet or a Sancerre. If you prefer shellfish, opt for more rounded wines like Viognier, whose fresh and floral notes will temper the occasionally cloying texture of whelks, clams or winkles. Prefer meatier seafood, such as crab or prawns? Opt for a fresh, floral wine such as a Chardonnay, perfect for balancing and revealing the subtle flavours of this shellfish! A real treat served with some rye bread and homemade mayonnaise. Take the time to savour it, especially as it takes quite a bit of work to get all that meat out of a delicious crab. Avoid unwelcome surprises For all seafood without exception, avoid sweet wines, which are usually best kept for foie gras and other festive starters, unless you like sweet/iodine combinations – yes, there’s a reason you’ve never heard of that pairing! Not a fan of white wine? Certain red or rosé wines pair well with seafood, but it’s important to choose a really light and fruity wine, such as a Côte de Provence or a Pinot Noir – give it a try!


A tip from Maison Castel

Feeling festive? Choose a brut sparkling wine whose freshness will complement delicious, delicately-flavoured shellfish.

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Claws at the ready.... Get cracking!

Claws at the ready...
Get cracking!

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