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ICE Cuvée Rosée

Contemporary wines with finesse and aromatic expression

ICE Cuvée Rosée is an easy-drinking, expressive sparkling wine. Fruity and delicious, it is the perfect partner for all festive occasions.

Maison Castel know-how

ICE Cuvée Rosé is a blend of French grapes carefully chosen by a Maison Castel winemaker. It is made in a reputed Castel facility in Burgundy which dates back 60 years and illustrates French savoir-faire in sparkling wine production.

A very accessible wine

ICE Cuvée Rosée is a colourful wine that can be enjoyed straight, or over ice, or in a cocktail: no matter how it is served, it always displays finesse and freshness. It has an attractive coral pink robe and fine, long-lasting bubbles. Its acidity hints at raspberry and pomegranate and is complemented by a fine, silky texture.

Elegant, strong pink robe with purple hints, and lively, fine bubbles

Vibrant nose with fresh fruit notes (raspberry, pomegranate and redcurrant), with floral hints

Initial crispness develops into an elegant wine with good structure and expressive red fruit character

Serve at 7 - 8°C

Can be aged for up to 2 years

Enjoy as an aperitif or with desserts. An ideal pairing would be Spéculoos macarons

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