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Chap. I

Languedoc Pezenas

Unique artisan wines from outstanding vineyards, made in limited quantities

A wine which has great potential to develop even further ! Each of these stories starts with the singularity of an exceptional terroir and the choice of dedicated winemakers. Day by day, working hand in hand with his partners, Cédric Jenin, Responsible Winemaker at MAISON CASTEL, deploys all his savoir - faire to select, vinify, age and form each of his vintages.

Chap.I - United we stand

Maison Castel has chosen to pay tribute to its heartland for the first chapter of its new collection. The company's roots are firmly planted in Languedoc, where the founders have painstakingly built a broad community of partners and developed an expert understanding of the region's terroirs

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Grape varieties : 65% Syrah, 18% Grenache, 8% Mourvèdre, 9% Carignan Harvest : Hand-picked from August 23rd to October 2nd 2017 Maceration : 20% carbonic maceration (some of the Syrah plus the Carignan), 80% traditional maceration (2 Syrah, 2 Grenache and 1 Mourvèdre) Aged 15 months : 50% in new oak, 40% in one-vintage barrels, 10% aged in tank

Deep, dark, intense black cherry

A blend of black fruit, graphite and garrigue herb, with some complexity (cocoa and a hint of smoke)

Expressive and powerful. Firm tannins folded around an impressive body and structure. The finish is floral with a little pepper, suggesting the merest hint of hot spice

14 – 16°

3 to 12 years

Pipérade (sautéd onions, green peppers and tomatoes) and other dishes with aromatic herbs, spicy meat dishes

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