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Mongolia Maison Castel features in art competition in Mongolia

The third edition of the Castel Moments art competiton took place in Mongolia this summer, with 160 works featuring Maison Castel wines displayed!

Art in Mongolia

This past July,

APU Company, our partner in Mongolia, successfully organized the Castel Moments competition for the third year. The purpose of Castel Moments is to creatively promote the culture and proper consumption of wine through works of art featuring Maison Castel wines. More than 160 works by more than 80 participants were received by five categories: photography, fine art, and digital art, this year, AI technology and handicraft categories were added. The winners of each category were selected through three rounds of selection.

The first round of selection was judged by artist Batzorig M., Doctor of Art Studies, photographer Chayodu, and digital artist Naranbaatar G. based on the narrative, idea and creativity of the works. In the second round, Maison Castel MN published the works on Facebook and Instagram pages and selected the best works based on the number of likes, reactions, and shares. The final selection was also judged by the professional judges mentioned above, and the winners were announced in each category.

Winners were the following:

  • Fine art: "Gift from the West" by Jamyanpurev G.
  • Photography: "Express your feelings without hiding" by Bulganchimeg A.
  • Digital art: "Grape-stomping Girls" by Agar M.
  • Handicraft: "Glass Crafts" by Altka Kh.
  • Artificial Intelligence: "The Taste of Lips" by Batzolboo B.

Bulganchimeg's "Express Your Feelings Without Hiding" was selected as the best work and the artist was awarded with a trip to France.

Congratulations to all the participants for their fantastic work!


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